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23 September 2007 @ 07:36 pm
The Keeper and The Key - Chapter 1 - The Encounter  
Title: The Keeper and The Key
Author: deaselene
Fandom: The Covenant
Tyler, OC
I do not own the characters and I am not making money by writing about them.

Chapter 1 of TK. I'm in desperate need of a beta reader. So, if ANYONE is interested, please contact me at: avbreaker@hotmail.com [I also have MSN :)] or comment here. I just need someone to help me with the plot flow/ plot line.

- deaselene

Strobe lights flashed on towards the night sky, bouncing off countless bodies swaying to the beat of the loud, pumping music along the way. The bonfire burned brightly and provided enough light to suffice the needs of the various partygoers. At one corner stood numerous kegs and iceboxes with enough sodas to quench everyone’s thirst, at another stood the gigantic stage, in which the DJ stood along with the lookout, pumping out beats for his audience. The stage provided place for four large amplifiers, two on each side, and turntables that went right in the middle of the rock star-like display.

From the stage, you could see the numerous teenagers banging and grinding against one another in time to every beat. Among the sea of faces, if you looked closely enough, four of them in particular would eventually stand out; A headstrong leader, a biker with a passion, a rebel without a cause and an all out good-guy with a strong fire. Four seemingly different personalities and yet they seemed closer than ever


Through all their differences, one similarity towers over all others. Only one similarity brings them together to form their bond of friendship and brotherhood: The Power; the blessing and curse all rolled into one, the very entity that holds the key to endless possibilities.


Bestowed upon them during the time of their births, they are bound by two simple rules. The first was: Use, and age. To live every day with a silent battle against yourself. Give in and be tempted. Use, and age.

The second: to forever uphold the sacred laws of the Covenant. Silence was the key. Let no other man stumble upon the secret.




Tyler was his name, Tyler Simms. He was the youngest among his circle, sporting brown hair and piercing crystal blue eyes. His being born last only earned him his current nickname: ‘Baby Boy’. But despite this and his well-known gentlemanly-like persona, he too had his moments on the bad side. With forever following around Reid Garwin, the friend closest to him, that kind of adventurous attitude tends to rub off on you.


He scanned the crowd, surveying every face on the dance floor. The mass of dancers had somehow separated them as they arrived. He studied them carefully, searching for his friends. By the small sand hills was where Reid Garwin stood, hands hidden deep into the sides of his jean pockets, letting off his notorious bad-ass reputation. He was a blond and, as the phrase went, believed that he indeed had more fun. He liked to run on the dangerous side of things. He took pride in his being ‘special’ and used his powers for mischief, which therefore led him to the occasional bar fights at Nicky’s, their favorite hang-out.


Next, Tyler saw Caleb Danvers, the self-proclaimed leader of their group and proverbial pain in the ass when it came to their powers. He was the most uptight of them all when it came to Using, but only because he feared that he and his friends would lose control and receive the same fate his own father had. He was most likely to be all over Reid’s case therefore launching the both of them into constant arguments with each other that would sometimes end up nasty. Though despite their constant bickering, the pair always managed to get along, one way or another.


Caleb was with Pouge Parry, another member of their brotherhood. Pouge was a rider. He loved his motorcycle more than anything else, except his girlfriend Kate, of course. He was closest to Caleb and treated him with the utmost respect. In a way, he was like Caleb’s right-hand man but once he had made a decision, there would be no stopping him.


Tyler waved a hand towards Caleb and Pouge’s direction, indicating that he was on his way there. Reid, also seeing this, began dodging around countless dancers that got in his way to reach them.      

“Hey, fellas.” greeted Reid as he sauntered over to them, a sly look on his face. After their usual exchange of small talk, Tyler excused himself from them. “I’m gonna go get a soda.” He mentioned before ambling away.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the area stood Faith Nadine Branwen, or Faith as she normally wanted to be called, by the steps of the large stage. She, too, was scanning the sea of faces while mentally scolding herself for agreeing to go to the ‘Backup’ annual Spencer party. A group of students had organized a second party, after the first one had been cut short by the police last week. She removed the elastic band tied around her hair and ran her fingers through her long, brown, wave-like curls. She should have never come alone, but she had no choice. During all her time at Spencer, she had not managed to make –or keep- a single friend within grasp without freaking them out in some way.


Eventually, rumors had begun to spread about her. Many people had labeled her ‘weird’ and ‘freaky’ only because they could never understand. In a way, Faith was a freak. She was different. She had been ever since she was born.


Faith had special abilities that involved her mind. She was both telekinetic and a mind reader, which were both a burden and a blessing to her everyday life. Her being a mind reader was the main reason why she had never held on to many friends. She had always freaked them out by answering their thoughts.

But still, being able to read minds had its perks. For instance, whenever she would get caught sleeping in class and be asked a question, she would just drift into the teacher’s mind and pluck out the answer, thus saving herself from further punishment.


She snapped out of her almost-silent reverie and sighed inwardly. Maybe it was time to head home. She threaded through the restless crowd and made her way past the beverage area, bumping into someone along the way and making them spill their soda. She quietly halted the liquid from spilling onto her shirt and prayed that he didn’t notice. “Geeze, I am really sorry.” Said the boy with brown hair and piercing blue eyes. “It’s okay. You didn’t get any on me.” She replied, already starting on her way towards the forest.

“Weird that you didn’t get wet, I thought for sure that I had spilled some.” He said after her.

“Well, I guess I’m just lucky!” she turned around and shrugged her shoulders, walking backwards.

“Hey, again, I’m sorry!”

“No problem!”


She continued walking through the thick shrubbery and twisting trees before spying something from the corner of her eye. She spun her head to her right and spotted another bonfire burning in the distance. Curiosity got the best of her and she crept closer to the glowing flames. Once there, she discovered other people gathered there. All of them simply sat there, staring into the flames as if awaiting someone. She would have inched nearer, but the feeling of someone behind her made her tense. “Hey!” the person said, grabbing her by the shoulder. She jumped and let out a frightened whimper before her knees gave way.

“You alright?”

She looked up from the ground to find that boy she had bumped into a while ago standing right in front of her with a questioning look. She quickly dusted herself off and bolted to her feet.

“When you bumped into me back there, you dropped this.” He fished something out of his pocket and held it up for her to see. “Your keys?”

She quickly snatched them from his hand and mumbled her thanks.

“Sorry I startled you. It’s just that, it seemed like you were going to walk right off the edge.”

“The edge?” she asked him. Sure enough, when she turned her head, the bonfire had vanished and was replaced by empty space. The twinkling night sky and a stretch of even more trees filled her view. She looked down and fell back, the height making her dizzy. She blinked several times before he spoke out. “What were you doing here, anyway?”

“N-nothing.” She stammered. “I just… I just thought I saw something, that’s all.”

She walked around him and turned her head. “Um, thanks.” She told him before finding her way brusquely out of the clump of trees and towards where her cherry-red 1966 Mustang GT convertible awaited her.

pippii: He is minepippii on September 23rd, 2007 07:18 pm (UTC)
I really like this a lot, and look foreword to another update;)

" A headstrong leader, a biker with a passion, a rebel without a cause and an all out good-guy with a strong fire."
I liked that description.

Just one thing though;) It`s Pogue, not Pouge.....

Keep up the good work.
Tala Rakatala_raka on February 11th, 2008 08:09 pm (UTC)
Love the descriptions ^_^