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02 January 2002 @ 01:26 am
The Keeper and The Key - Chapter 2 - Tackled  
Title: The Keeper and The Key - Tackled
Author: </a></b></a>deaselene
Fandom: The Covenant
Tyler, OC
I do not own the characters and I am not making money by writing about them.

“Good morning, Hannah.” Faith yawned as she clambered down the spiral steps leading towards the kitchen of her Tudor-style home. She was referring to the red-headed woman standing by the stove, making breakfast. She gave a small smile and sat down by the kitchen counter. “Well, good morning to you, too, Nadine.” Hannah replied, cheerily.

Hannah Morrison was Faith’s guardian. She had snatched her away from the clutches of a demon when she was still an infant. Over the years, she had grown fond of Faith and liked to call her by her second name, Nadine instead. Just recently she had begun teaching Faith how to control her powers more as well as a couple of new tricks.

A smile stretched over her beautiful face as she piled waffles onto two white, porcelain plates; which were then followed by strips of bacon and scrambled eggs. Hannah was an excellent cook. “Mmmm… That smells soo good, Han.” Faith commented as she raised a finger to summon a strip of bacon. “Ah, ah! Not so fast, Nadine! Put it back.” She playfully scolded as she looked over her shoulder to catch her in the act. Faith frowned, putting back the piece of bacon on the plate and lowering her finger. “But I’m starving!” She complained.

“Well it would be well of you to wait.” Hannah replied, carrying the plates over to the counter.


“Could you please get the juice?” Hannah took a seat on the barstool across from Faith.

“No problemo.” She lifted her eyebrows in the direction of the refrigerator and opened the door.

“Could you please stand up, to get it?” Hannah hurriedly added. “You know how I don’t like you to abuse your powers.”

“Fine.” She groaned and slowly stood up. She made her way to the fridge, got out a pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice and set it on the table. “Thank you, Nadine.” Her guardian said sweetly.

The pair sat quietly enjoying the delicious breakfast Hannah had made before Hannah spoke up.

“So, How was the party last night?” she asked, her dark-blue eyes twinkling.

Faith groaned and continued to pour syrup over her waffles. “Terrible. I am never taking your advice to attend parties and mingle, ever again.”

“That bad? Didn’t you find someone to talk to?”

“No. Well, I did bump into a guy on my way to my car.”

“and?” she coaxed.

“And nothing. He almost spilled soda all over me, but I did a little… deflecting.”

“Faith!” Hannah said warningly.

“But he didn’t notice! So don’t worry.”

“Well, what’s his name?”

“I dunno. I didn’t really stick around to find out. I was bored.”

“Well you should have talked to him so you would be un-bored.”

Faith simply shrugged her shoulders and popped a portion of her waffle into her mouth.

“So, excited for school next week?” Hannah asked after taking a sip of her juice. Faith swallowed the piece of waffle in her mouth hurriedly before answering.

“Are you really going to ask me that question at every new school I go to?”

The both of them had moved around a lot, ever since Faith was a little girl. Secutus, followers of the demon that killed Faith’s parents, had tried to steal her away one night. That’s when they began moving around from city to city. It was very hard for her to adjust to the constant moving. She was never really around the place for too long to make strong friendships.

“Well, it’s different this time. Because this time, you’re coming back for your second year at your school!” Hannah said excitedly. It was true. Faith had transferred in during junior year and was now going to be a senior come Monday morning. It was the longest time they’ve ever stayed in a town, because they would normally transfer after a year.

“Well, I guess it feels pretty good to be coming back this time.”

“And you’ll be turning eighteen!” Hannah exclaimed, but then fell silent with realization. That was another complication in Faith’s life. Hannah would only be around until she was eighteen and old enough to take care of herself. After that, she would be on her own. She perked up once more, refusing to let her feeling of sadness get to her. Seeing this, Faith reached across the counter for her guardian’s hand.

“Hey, it’s okay. You really can still stay with me.” She gave a comforting smile.

“That would be lovely.” She replied softly, although knowing what would truly happen to her when the time finally came. “Well come on, you’re not eighteen just yet. I still have tons of things to teach you.”


Tyler looked down at the folded piece of paper in his hands that was his class schedule and sighed inwardly. “Senior year, gents!” Pouge exclaimed as he rested his hands on Caleb and Tyler’s shoulder. “One more year, then goodbye Spencer and hello Harvard!” Caleb replied excitedly.

“Woah, but not before we conquer the campus first.” Tyler chimed in.

“Don’t go all preppy-and-high-school-spirited on us now, baby boy.” Reid teased, punching him on the arm and ruffling his brown hair. “How ‘dork’ of you.”

Tyler grinned. He was being kind of a dork, but still, he knew that even Reid was looking forward to senior year.

Caleb felt someone giving him a light nudge on the shoulder and looked to his right. It was Pouge, nodding his head in the direction of the other side of the hallway.

“Hey man, look who it is.”

Caleb craned his neck to see behind him. There, he saw Sarah, taking books out of her locker and let an involuntary smile creep across his face.

“I said it once and I’ll say it again, she wants you, man.” Pouge said, patting his good friend on the back. Reid, who looked towards the end of the hallway as well, gave a small sneer.

“And I said it once and I’ll say it again, too. This isn’t over.”

“Then allow me to repeat that little bit when I also told you not to be so jealous. Face facts, man. Sarah digs Caleb.”


The bell rang and both Pouge and Reid continued their argument on the way to their first period. Tyler and Caleb exchanged looks of amusement and followed right behind. When they rounded a corner, Caleb decided it was time to intervene. He squeezed himself in between Reid and Pouge and told them it was enough. Just when Caleb and Reid were about to launch into an argument of their own, a loud crashing sound came from behind them followed by a flurry of books and papers and finally two loud thuds on the floor.

All of them whirled around to find Tyler flat on the ground with a dark-haired girl sprawled on top of him. All three boys smirked, but it was Reid who managed to speak up.

“Well, looks like senior year IS turning out to be Baby Tyler’s year after all.” He leaned over Tyler, resting both hands on his thighs, to get a better look at the person still rested on top of his friend. “Damn, down girl. He’s still a bit inexperienced, so I don’t think you’ll get much outta this guy.”

“I am so sorry!” the girl burst out, surveying their position and immediately getting off him. The pair looked very awkward sprawled on top of each other. She prayed that everyone had already gone inside.

“I really didn’t mean to tackle you over like that, I thought I was running really late and-”

“Hey, it’s you!” Tyler exclaimed when his vision cleared. Everything around him seemed to spin until that moment. He looked around him and noticed that their papers and books were still scattered all over the hallway and began to pick them up.

“What do you mean? Have we met before?” the girl asked, now resting on her knees.

“I’m the guy who returned your keys to you and stopped you from jumping off that cliff.” He chuckled but then abruptly paused after realizing what he had just said. Tyler wasn’t exactly the master when it came to girls. He was always awkward around them and would unintentionally blabber off and say the wrong thing.

“Oh yeah! I remember. Yeah, sorry about that I didn’t recognize you. It was too dark to see.”

It looked like luck was on his side today, because the girl didn’t seem to notice his rude comment.

“Oh so this is that crazy cliff-jumper chick you were telling us about in the car that night!”

Then again, Reid was always there to turn things back around. Reid chuckled as he rested his elbow on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, he’s always normally this rude.” Tyler said, continuing to pick up their belongings. The girl stood, walking over to a row of lockers and picking something up. It was her glasses, Tyler assumed from the way she was holding the object. And it seemed from the look on her face that they were broken.

She walked over to him and began picking up their belongings as well. Afterwards, both of them stood and returned each others things. “Uhm, thanks. Er-for everything. And again, I am REALLY sorry for tackling you like that. I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s fine. No injuries here.”

“Hey kids, I don’t want to rain on your little moment there but I’m pretty sure Mrs. Porter will skin our asses if we don’t show up any time soon.” Pouge reminded them. He and Caleb had been standing there the entire time.

“We better get inside before I get you into even more trouble.” Said the girl and zoomed passed the boys and into the room.


Tyler had been staring at the girl for the entirety of the class. He had run into her three times already but still hadn’t managed to get her name. Mrs. Porter continued with her lecture and, thankfully, hadn’t noticed Tyler’s lack of concentration. “…Now next week, we will be covering the topics presented on page ninety-five, so I expect all of you will manage to read at least a paragraph or so on that topic.”

The entire class groaned in protest.

“Summer vacation is OVER, people. Time to get back to reality.”

Tyler got out his history book and opened to the assigned page. He slowly flicked through the pages, not really interested in reading ahead but rather doing it to look like he was paying attention, all the while his attention averting back to that girl who was seated up front.

Suddenly, his eyes caught a glimpse of a page that had strange scribbling within its margins. He stopped flipping through the pages and went back to where the doodles were. He turned the book around on its side and noticed the doodles were actually letters that spelled out a name. ‘Faith Branwen.’ He thought, and as if on cue, the girl turned around and gave him a small smile. Was that her name? He smiled back at her but then it faded when she turned away. She was wearing her glasses. The same glasses that he was sure had broken just a while ago. ‘She just probably has a spare.’


After class, Tyler zoomed past Reid who looked after him questioningly. He wanted to make sure he would catch up to her and return her book. He saw her almost out of the door but then noticed that she fell back.

“Hey.” He greeted, tucking her book under his arm.

“Hey!” she replied.

“So, you’re Faith Branwen?” he asked, taking out the book from under his arm and holding it out for her. She smiled at this and took out a similar book.

“And you’re Tyler Simms?”

“If this is yours, then that is definitely mine.”

The both of them exchanged smiles and returned each others books.

“I guess I know where my stuff will end up now if ever I lose anything.” She chuckled, returning her book into her bag.

“I guess you do. Although, I hope that the next time I return something, you and-or I won’t be in some kind of physical danger.” He replied shyly. That line definitely came out of nowhere.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure.” She looked at him and then quickly took off her glasses and stuffed them into her bag.

“Those your spare?” he asked her.

“Spare? No. I don’t have any spares. I just end up leaving them everywhere.”

“Really? I was sure they were broken when I saw you bending over to pick them up just a while ago.”

She looked away from him and bit her lip. Damn. He noticed.

“Er-really? Well, I was just using them back there during history. So I guess they’re not.” She replied when she turned back to face him. “Besides, you seem like you see a lot of things.”

He smiled down at her. He was just a bit taller than she was. She liked it.

“and- you were watching me bend over to pick my glasses up?” she said to him, an insolent smile spreading across her face that was very unlike her. He blushed at this and began to stutter. “Well I-”

“I’m kidding, of course.”

“Hey Ty! You comin’ or not?!” shouted Reid from the door. He was watching them.

“You better go. Your friend’s waiting.” She told him, nodding a head towards Reid.

The both of them bid each other goodbye before Tyler began to make his way back to Reid.

“Oh, and Tyler?” she called out from behind him. He turned around to look at her.

“I hope you like history. The stuff on page ninety-five is a bit interesting once you get to look at it.”

She smiled before rounding the corner and disappearing. Reid looked at Tyler, who was just as confused as he was, and grinned. “Dude, you attract crazy chicks.”


Tala Rakatala_raka on February 11th, 2008 08:11 pm (UTC)
Awesomeness, love the ending it was so funny ^_^